David Sibbet | Tom Atlee on “Something Big Is Trying to Work Through Us”
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Tom Atlee on “Something Big Is Trying to Work Through Us”

Tom_Atlee - Tom Atlee on Tom Atlee, the creative energy behind the Co-Intelligence Institute, recently wrote Something Bigger Than Life Is Trying To Work Through Us. He says, “I feel called to notice the role of contexts.” His crystal-clear analysis of our current predicament is that we are experiencing the shadow results of our own “enlightened” technologies and practices. The crises we experience will be transformational (or not), and Tom explores how they might be so.

As with any paradigm shifts, the emerging expressions are still being crafted. Tom is one of the shapers I respect. He speaks in poetic language of what it means to wake up to conscious evolution and see ourselves as mirrors of the larger evolutionary pattern.

Bill Veltrop of the Monterey Institute for Social Architecture (MISA) spotted it and sent it along and I’m posting a link here because he is giving voice to my own orientation for these times.

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    Meri Walker
    August 12, 2009 Reply

    I’m also looking for a link and can’t find this piece, David. Searched all over Tom’s website. That was great synchronicity, but I would like to read this piece if you get the link working. Always learning from you. Thanks for the post!

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    Teresa Roche
    August 12, 2009 Reply

    David, I had the same issue as Bruce did–however, and THANK YOU once again, I found myself immersed in some incredible websites….if you could take a moment to see about this particular writing, that would be great….warmly and appreciatively, Teresa Roche

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    Bruce Williamson
    August 11, 2009 Reply

    The link “Something Big Is Trying to Work Through Us” in your blog entry appears to be broken and I can’t seem to find an article with that title anywhere else on the web. Am really looking forward to reading it! Thanks.

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