David Sibbet is the founder of The Grove Consultants International and pioneer of the field of visual, organizational consulting. He is a master facilitator and OD consultant, and author of books on visual meetings, teams, leadership, and change. He is co-director of the Grove’s Global Learning & Exchange Network (GLEN) and passionate about evolving cultures of collaboration that can meet the challenges of our times.


ANNOUNCING Leading as Sacred Practice: Six Ways of Knowing & Leading free eBook co-authored by the facilitation ensemble of the Leading As Sacred Practice programs, Alan Briskin, David Sibbet, Gisela Wendling & Holger Scholz. After several years of gathering in inquiry on this topic with fellow organizational leaders, facilitators and social activists in Germany and California, we crystallized six ways of knowing and leading and a set of foundation practices that show how leading is not only transactional and transformational but also sacred. All of this is rendered into a beautiful and visually evocative eBook. (It will be the basis of new Global Learning & Exchange Network (GLEN) on-line series starting April 23.) The eBook describes how you can be a Servant Leader, Circle Wizard, Natural Native, Space Steward, Crucible Guardian, and Ritual Intercessor!


Enjoy your copy! Free Download 

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