I, David Sibbet, am the founder of The Grove Consultants International and a pioneer in the field of visual, organizational consulting. As a lifelong facilitator and OD consultant, I’ve also focused on sharing my learning through books on visual meetings, teams, leadership, and change, all of which emerged from extensive collaboration with colleagues and clients.  I am passionate about evolving cultures of collaboration that can meet the challenges of our times.


As of this writing I am retiring from active meeting facilitation after 52 years leading every imaginable kind of meeting in person and on-line. I am now focussed on sharing my learning in writing and various online media with a new Grove team under the leadership of Gisela Wendling, Ph.D., my long-time colleague and wife.  I am quite open to working personally with people who reach out—especially collaboratively oriented leaders interested in realizing their visionary ideas and practitioners who would find my mentoring support helpful. My long experience leaves me deeply understanding how to design group process and experiential learning environments. I have also become a very proficient information designer, blending text, graphics, and video in compelling formats. Going forward I will be working in various mediums to share Grove learning and support people and organizations meeting the challenges of these times. This image was taken on a recent trip to India to Tiruvannamalai, the center of Ramana Maharshi’s work as a yoga master. That he taught through silence continues to inspire and challenge me, as one who teaches through talking and imagery.


If you re interested in working with me or having me present to your group or organization please fill our the contact form on this website. You can also always reach me through www.thegrove.com.

Recent Posts
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