David Sibbet is the founder of The Grove Consultants International and pioneer of the field of visual, organizational consulting. He is a master facilitator and OD consultant, and author of books on visual meetings, teams, leadership, and change. He is co-director of the Grove’s Global Learning & Exchange Network (GLEN) and passionate about evolving cultures of collaboration that can meet the challenges of our times.


ANNOUNCING The Liminal Pathway Study by Dr. Gisela Wendling. For ten years Gisela and I have built the Grove’s Designing & Leading Change workshops around her Wendling Liminal Pathways Change Framework. So many people have used it personally and professionally that she decided to conduct a formal study of its efficacy. A survey and in-depth interviews produced a rich set of data and stories about liminality and how people are experiencing change. This is all shared in her new book. We collaborated on the design and illustrations, which took me to a new type of visualization, which those of you interested in such things will enjoy. It is a must read for anyone working with change.

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