Visual Teams Book - David Sibbet

Visual Teams is available for purchase in English at Grove Tools, Inc or Amazon.

In addition, translations of Visual Teams are available in Bahasa Indonesian, Portuguese, and Simplified Chinese.

Visual Teams

How Graphics, Sticky Notes & Idea Mapping Can Transform Group Productivity

Equip your teams to create and sustain results, whether you are co-located or spread around the world. Building on the best-selling book Visual MeetingsVisual Teams by David Sibbet (Wiley, 2011) shows how to use visuals across the whole arc of a team’s productive life. Use visual communication to improve work processes and create a shared understanding of the big picture context. Cultivate an innovative, high-performing team that works like designers: experiment, create prototypes, use visualization to test ideas, and share mental models to communicate effectively.


Visual Teams is organized around the well-known Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance Model®, a “map” to creating and sustaining high performance in all kinds of teams. It includes best practices, cases, and many visual examples for handling each stage of the team’s process, along with in-depth descriptions of how to use the full suite of Team Performance tools.