Visual Meetings Book - David Sibbet

Visual Meetings is available for purchase in English at Grove Tools, Inc or Amazon.

In addition, translations of Visual Meetings are available in Bahasa IndonesianDutch, German, Japanese, Korean, Orthodox Chinese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish.

Visual Meetings

How Graphics, Sticky Notes & Idea Mapping Can Transform Group Productivity

People who work visually have better ideas, make better decisions, and are more committed to producing results. Visual Meetings by David Sibbet (Wiley, 2010) unveils the alchemy of designing and conducting memorable meetings that get results. Turn your business meetings into creative and productive events. Energize your team meetings, sales presentations, strategy sessions, and brainstorming.


Visual Meetings introduces meeting leaders, presenters, and consultants to a bounty of visual communication methods: graphic recording, visual planning, story-boarding, graphic templates, idea-mapping and much more. It catalyzes collaboration and breakthrough thinking in groups large and small. Now available in ten languages.