OD Network Notes, Taken on an iPad

2010-10-19 14_41_07 -0500 - OD Network Notes, Taken on an iPadI went to the Organizational Development Network annual conference in New Orleans this week and overlooked the fact I was on the very last page of my journal, a constant companion. This forced me onto the iPad for notetaking and I really had FUN!

I used Sketchbook Pro app for the iPad, saving them to iTunes and then to a folder I could upload here. If you are interested in either OD or iPad noteaking you might check these out. You can click on the images and they will pop up large scale on your screen.

This one is choreographer Garth Fagan’s keynote. Since I experience facilitation as a dance, it was one of my favorite.

The rest of these are posted below, column-width.


2010-10-19 17_27_02 -0500 - OD Network Notes, Taken on an iPad

BILLY ALBAN & BARBARA BUNKER and their session on Sustaining Large Group Practice. It consisted of four case presentation that were loaded with good information.

2010-10-17 15_41_30 -0500 - OD Network Notes, Taken on an iPad
2010-10-17 15_42_24 -0500 - OD Network Notes, Taken on an iPad

DAVID ROCK on Neuroleadership. He was one of the keynotes and quite provocative. His books on the subject are Your Brain at Work and Quiet Leadership.
2010-10-18 09_23_39 -0500 - OD Network Notes, Taken on an iPad
2010-10-18 09_26_13 -0500 - OD Network Notes, Taken on an iPad

CAROLYN HENDRICKSON and SUMANT RAMACHANDRA presented on “Building Adative Organization” with a case study in culture change at Hospira. This session was loaded with practical, useable approaches. Sumant was the client and Carolyn was the consultant.

2010-10-18 10_45_38 -0500 - OD Network Notes, Taken on an iPad

2010-10-18 11_11_19 -0500 - OD Network Notes, Taken on an iPad

2010-10-18 11_11_30 -0500 - OD Network Notes, Taken on an iPad

2010-10-18 11_50_06 -0500 - OD Network Notes, Taken on an iPad





This session by ALEX & TANYA DUNNE was called “iPads & Organization.” It wasn’t about iPads at all, but about how design methods can be used to foster innovation and insight. It was very creative and interactive with good demonstrations of the designer ways of knowing.

2010-10-18 13_58_59 -0500 - OD Network Notes, Taken on an iPad

2010-10-18 14_41_53 -0500 - OD Network Notes, Taken on an iPad

2010-10-18 14_48_37 -0500 - OD Network Notes, Taken on an iPad




DICK & EMILY AXELROD took their group into the topic “Engagement is the New Change Management” with experiences in small group conversation that made their point, framed with some of the tenants and practices from their new book on the subject.

2010-10-18 16_07_40 -0500 - OD Network Notes, Taken on an iPad

2010-10-18 16_27_46 -0500 - OD Network Notes, Taken on an iPad

2010-10-18 16_28_06 -0500 - OD Network Notes, Taken on an iPad




I spent some time talking with Lim Leng, Managing Director of Pivotal, a strategic OD firm working in Singapore and Thailand. IN the process we were looking at the design of complex organizations and I mapped Galbraith’s ideas from a book of that title onto the arc model of Process Theory. This is a puzzle you can try and make sense out of, appreciating that the approaches listed toward the top allow many degrees of freedom while the ones at the bottom are more constrained. The freedom of rules isn’t regarding the process of the business, but the flexibility of having processes that actually have low uncertainty. These can swap out all kinds of workers easily.Galbraith’s operating assumptions were that org design is driven by decision about how to communicate, and decisions about how much to communicate are driven by level of uncertainty.


2010-10-19 14_19_47 -0500

  • Avatar
    Raj Kotecha
    November 27, 2011 Reply

    Not sure if he used a Stylus back in Jan, but fast forward to the end of the year and WACOM has a very good stylus out called BAMBOO stylus. Penultimate is a great app for taking notes!

  • Avatar
    Jake McKee
    January 19, 2011 Reply

    Great stuff, thanks for sharing. And sign me up as another person curious about finger or stylus!

  • Avatar
    Carlton Berlacher
    January 15, 2011 Reply

    Those notes are looking just like some pages from Marvel comics 🙂 I’ll definitely try the process after I get my iPad but thanks for sharing it’s nicely written.

  • Avatar
    John Lesko
    December 23, 2010 Reply

    Yes, yes … Your ‘iPAD-penmanship’ seems to have improved w/ each lecture (assuming you posted these in chronological order). Finger or stylus? Settings?

  • Avatar
    Rick Boersma
    November 14, 2010 Reply

    I have the same question as Allison – i.e. hand or stylus? I played around with an ipad when they first came out, trying a pogo stylus, but found the lines too thick. I characterized it as “writing/drawing” with a wet cigarette butt” at the time. But your lines seems very fine, just curious about settings, suggestions, etc.
    Rick Boersma, rick@floworks.ca

  • Avatar
    Allison Crow
    November 6, 2010 Reply

    L O V E – It!
    Thanks for sharing. I’ve been working with the iPad and looking forward to a conference next week to really see what I’m able to do. Did you use your hand…or a stylus? David thanks for sharing your knowledge and gifts with us…you come from a spirit of ABUNDANCE.

  • Avatar
    Lynette McCormack
    October 23, 2010 Reply

    David, this is Simply Awesome!! Thank you for sharing your notes!

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