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PacificPerspecive - Regrounding in Earth Wisdom“How has all your traveling affected you?” Vanda asked in our coaching meeting this Monday afternoon. She was aware of how extensively I’ve been moving around this year, just back from Asia, in Europe much of the Fall, and now heading to the East coast.

The question stopped me a bit. It must be affecting me, I thought, but do I know how? I’ve come to trust the first things that arise when asked a question, and to simply let the answer come rather than trying to force it or “craft” it. Immediately I thought about how aware I’ve become of the dense, evolving network of globalized organizations and processes that carry me here and there—how interconnected Singapore and Hong Kong and San Francisco and Copenhagen and yes even Moscow have become for me.

As these urban ganglia are communicating and trading and aware of each other, increasingly The Grove is helping people communicate across boundaries using visual language and universal facilitation practices.

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Groveseeds1jpg - Seeds of LightCan I walk each day in a sacred way? Can I start each day in the clear light mind? Can I have my work and play circle around my spiritual practice rather than fitting my spiritual practice into my day? These are the questions that are front and center on returning from my Joshua Tree Vision Quest. The deep nourishment I received from my reflective time on the desert feels almost like waking up again from a long sleep. I want to stay awake. And I want to stay engaged! I feel like I am watering little seeds of light.

At Joshua Tree I connected deeply with what I consider to be my real work, which is to plant and nurture seeds of hope, and to awaken myself so that who I am and what I do supports others waking up.

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Joshua_tree_sign_2 - Returning from Joshua TreeI’m back at “work” from my “vision quest” in Joshua Tree National Monument. I promised to share some of the experience. This one was a big one for me, my seventh with a group, my sixth with Chayim Barton and Brian Winkler, two gifted group leaders. The experiences are cumulative, and now spiral into my life as a central orientation.

I went into the desert this time holding my intent as a question—“What am I to contribute to my communities these next years?” I sought a vision about how to respond to the many changes all of us are facing. I intended to ask for guidance about my own purpose and direction as I more fully embrace an elder role. These are not simple questions.

I have discovered it takes time to appreciate what happens in sacred time such as this, for it takes place at a deep, cellular level as well as in my thoughts and journals. This one is “working me” as we say in our Pathwalkers group (a deep dialogue circle of peer consultants that I have been with for six years.)

The format of the vision quest, however, IS quite simple.

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After a month of client trips, to Seattle, England, New Jersey, and Chicago, I finally am on vacation for a week and half. Susan went up to Portland to see our grandson Reid, so I faced an open weekend.

What called to me was driving to Sacramento to see my 91 year-old mother and visit John, my brother, who lives in Placerville. This post was stimulated by all the reflections about aging, Mom, love and the surprises that wait for us in the midst of forgetfulness.

Remembering for Mom

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